Membership in ACB is voluntary and individual.  

A member shall be:

  1. Any graduate conservator-restorer, holding a master degree, taken after full five-yeas course of study;
  2. Conservator-restorer, without a diploma for restoration due to the requirements of the profession in the past, who has a long-term experience (25 years at least), with higher education and a proved considerable contribution to the conservation-restoration in Bulgaria;
  3. Conservation Scientist with at least five years experience in the field of conservation-restoration.  

The membership in the ACB can either be a full one or associated.

Full members can be the listed in item 1 and 2, above.

Associated members can be all listed.

Acquisition of membership:

The candidate shall apply in written to the Managing Board, declaring that he/she is familiar and adopts the regulations of the Statute and will carry out his/her obligations in the way these are regulated in the Statute and the adopted Code of Ethics.

The membership shall be acquired following a decision of the Managing Board, taken by simple majority from all members.

In case of rejection, the rejected candidate may refer the issue to the General Assembly of ACB, which shall definitely settle the issue.

Rights and obligations of the members:

Each full member has the right to participate in the management of ACB, to be informed about its activity, to make use its property and of the results of its activity its activity in accordance with the provisions of this statute.

The associated members can participate in the management of ACB through their participation in the general assembly, but cannot be elected in the Management Body and Control Committee and cannot participate in the making of decisions stipulated in Art.13, para.1, item 1 and 5 of the statutes. Each associated member has the right to be informed of the activity of ACB, to make use its property and of the results of its activity in accordance with the provisions of this statute.

Every member shall be obliged to pay an affiliation fee and a membership subscription, at amount, set by the General Assembly, for each calendar year, payable until 31 of December to the cashier of ACB.

Every member shall be obliged to refrain from actions, which could cause harm to the reputation of the Association, contradict to the objectives and discredit the organization.

The member shall not be personally accountable for the obligations of the society.

The member’s rights and obligations shall be nontransferable and shall not go over any other persons in case of decease, or terminating respectively.

Terminating the membership:

  1. In case of unilateral will, referred to the Managing Board;
  2. In case of decease or conviction under judicial disability;
  3. In case of exclusion;
  4. In case of dropping out.

By proposal of the Managing Board, the General Assembly shall take a decision for exclusion in case of behavior, contradictory to the Statute, the objectives or the Code of Ethics of ACB.

Dropping out due to non-payment of membership subscription and consistent non-participation in the activities shall be ascertained by documents, as the Managing Board shall be competent in taking resolution for terminating the membership of the corresponding member of ACB.

The affiliation fees shall not be reimbursed to a person with a terminated membership.

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