Conservation of the WallPainntings in the St. Nedelya Cathedral in Sofia

In 2008 ACB started a large scale project on the conservation of the wall paintings in St. Nedelya Cathedral in Sofia. A detailed dossier, containing research, initial documentation and program for conservation was submitted to, and approved by the National Institute for Immovable Heritage in accordance with the legal regulations.


General view before the conservation

According to the agreement between ACB and the Governing Ecclesiastical Committee of the Cathedral, the conservation will be carried out in the period of several years. Its exact duration, as well as the duration of the each stage of the conservation, will depend on the financial resources available and will be coordinated with the daily religious services.

 The Resurrection of Lazarus: before (left) and after conservation (right)

The wall paintings were created by some of the most renowned ecclesiastical artist in Bulgaria in 20th century: Nikolay Rostovtsev, Karl Yordanov, Gospodin Georgiev with his sons Kostadin and Nikola, Nikola Bakalov and Alexander Sorokin. 

 Palm Sunday (left) and Resurrection of Lazarus (right):details with destruction on the wall paintings

 Palm Sunday: before and after conservation

The wall paintings were severely damaged by moisture leakages, pigeon droppings and sooth. These destructions and alterations, along with the specificity of the artists' technique, required of the team of conservators to solve complex problems in the treatment of the wall paintings.



 Crucifixion, details: destruction on the plaster and the paint layer; process of cleaning

  ACB applied successfully with a project proposal for financial support part of the conservation activities on "Program Culture" of Sofia Municipality. Thanks to the support provided by the Program in 2010and 2011, the conservation of the western part of the interior was accelerated and completed successfully.

The funds are donated in support of the candidature of Sofia for European Capital of Culture.

 Sts. Sophia, Vyara, Nadejda and Lyubov: before and after conservation


Details: destruction on the plaster and the paint layer on the same scene (left)and the process of consolidation (right)


 St. Sophia, detail: before, during and after conservation


 Conservation of the stone capitals



 North-western pendant, detail: before, during and after conservation


 Western part of the nave: before and after conservation

  The conservation is still on-going and the need of further financial support for its completion is standing. Both the Association of Conservator-restorers in Bulgaria (ACB) and the Ecclesiastical Council of St. Nedelya Cathedral would gladly accept donations for this project.  ACB bank account is:

First Investment Bank -Sofia branch



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