ACB hosts the international meeting of  Е.С.С.О. IN SOFIA

30th-31st March 2009

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ACB took part in international seminar in Slovakia more
Wall paintings conservation

ACB is approved full member of E.C.C.O.



The Association is a non-profitable juridical person within the meaning of the Law on Non-profitable Juridical Persons.

The Association is an organization for the private benefit within the meaning of the Law on Juridical Persons and implements its activities in favor of the members thereof, in accordance with the principles of voluntary participation, equality, democratism, indifference to politics, electoral principle, and mandatory principle.

The objectives of the Association of conservator-restorers in Bulgaria (ACB) are the development and support of the conservation-restoration of cultural properties at practical, scientific and cultural levels. Within this meaning the Association shall endeavor to:

  • Support and encourage the conservation-restoration of cultural properties;
  • Act for development of high level education, research and practices in the field of conservation-restoration in compliance with the definitions, adopted by ACB;
  • Act for legal recognition of the professional standards, for confirmation and recognition of the legal statute of the conservator-restorer at national, European and international level;
  • Establish connections with European and international organizations in order to provide representativeness of the profession and protection of the ethical, cultural, scientific and material interests thereof;
  • Present and promote the profession conservation-restoration to the public.
BULSTAT  131 208 153
Bank account IBAN:BG33FINV915010BGN0EUBU
FIBANK Sofia branch
You can make donation on this account to support our aims and objectives and to help for the conservation of the cultural heritage in Bulgaria
Letter to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Seminar on Conservation
General Assembly of ARB

General Assembly of the Association of Conservator-Restorers in Bulgaria on 02thApril 2016

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General Assembly of the Association of Conservator-Restorers in Bulgaria, 16th May 2015

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